Cory Simpson Pres 2020



Cory Simpson

Cory's Lustrous Longwools

 Lewistown, MT 

Director Term 2019-2021

Cory's main livelihood has always been raising sheep and he first fell in love with Wensleydales in 2001 after searching for a better breed of sheep. Due to the limited availability of Wensleydales at that time, Cory's first longwools were registered Lincolns and they provided him with the opportunity to learn about longwool fleece characteristics and build a wool business. He believes Wensleydales have a bright future both for cross breeding and purebreds as we increase our numbers and strengthen our flocks.

D'Andrea Tyree Vice Pres 2020



D'Andrea Tyree

Four Oaks Farm

 Worden, IL 

Director term 2020-2022

D'andrea raises only Wensleydale sheep but also has angora rabbits and chickens on a small family owned farm in south central Illinois. Her desire is to help promote the breed and work towared obtaining the goals and mission established by the founders of the NAWSA

Sheryl Meacham Sec. 2020



Sheryl Meacham 

Gwenyth Glynn Longwools

Sellersburg, IN

Director term 2019- 2021

(Bio coming)

About Us

Karen Stern Director 2019 -2020


Karen Stern

Windsong Farm

Ithica NY

Director term 2019-2020

Windsong Farm, in upstate NY is home to my flock of Wensleydale and other longwool sheep. After starting with Cotswolds in 2006, I fell in love with Wensleydales and have been raising them since 2010. We produce a range of fiber products which are marketed at fiber festivals including Rhinebeck and Maryland, as well as 'freezer'lamb sold locally. This diversified approach allows for a good sized flock with room for selection of breeding stock emphasizing both Wensleydale character and production traits. My goal in participation on the board is to share my enthusiasm for Wensleydales and help grow the breed in the US.

Virginia Scholomiti Director 2019 - 2021


Virginia Scholomiti

The Yellowfarm

Delanson NY

Director term 2019-2021

Virginia has been breeding and upgrading her Wensleydales flock since 2005. She and her husband run The Yellowfarm in upstate NY and are thrilled with the breed and the fiber. I would like to see the Association broaden it's base, continue to stimulate lots of enthusiasm for the breed, and serve as an educational conduit for all the diverse qualities that this fabulous long wool breed offers.

Nan Fickett DIrector 2018 - 2020


Nan Fickett

Integrity Farm

Monroe, ME

Director term 2018-2020

Integrity Farm is located in Mid coast Main. Nan raises the finest quality Wenslydale sheep and fleeces and creates heirloom quality tapestry, weaving's, and knitted items which are hand spun form her sheep. From sheep to product, Nan does it all!

Wendy Hanson non BOD Treasurer 2020


Wendy hugged her first sheep in teh fall of 2003 and the rest is history. She and her husband, Chris now raise 39 breeds of fiber animals (including the elegant and magnificent Wensleydale) just for their fleeces. Wendy focuses her effort on the promotion of the less-known and rare breeds of sheep and goats to anyone who will listen and sells their fiber products up and down the west coast of the US